Song Name: Doctor Dee

Songwriter: Mike Welch / Ryan Hill

Copyright: 2008

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Saw two riders approaching in the distance
Along the Thames they fly
To the house at Mortlake
Where the seer resides...

Rise the doctor from his slumber
We are the emmisaries of the queen
Our country is in the greatest danger
That it has ever seen

I am the scryer of Britania's court
Gaze into the looking stone see the armada's advance
Foreign harbors, billowing sails
The stormcloud is gathering
The rainbows arc
The covenant sign

Dr Dee...Dr Dee....Dr Dee...

If reason transcends the depths of the sky
Why to earth bind it?
Let the rhythm's promise to the soul
Grow wings and fly...Let it fly

Speaker of Enoch's tongue
Gazer of the hidden light
Seeker of the order beyond
Caller to the goodly angel

Unlocked the seals with King David's psalms
And Annael appeared within my globe
His hair like flaming roses
His eyes blazed like star
From the profoundest depths
I call to you...I call to you...Eyeh!

Doctor Dee...Doctor Dee...Doctor Dee...