Song Name: Were You the One?

Songwriter: Nelson Bennett

Copyright: 1996

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Were You the One?

They say true love only comes round once a lifetime
I knew it once, but I let her slip away.
When things got tough
I couldn't make it through the hard times
So I just gave up
I thought of her today.

I heard you found somebody new
I wish all the best to you
I hope your love grows strong.
I know it's cliché, but it's true,
I guess I never really knew
What I had till it was gone.
Sometimes I wonder:
Were you the one?

Were you the one
I was waiting for my whole life long?
Were you the one?
How could I have been so blind?
Were you the one?
I guess I'll always ask myself:
"God, what have I done?"
Were you the one?

She asks, "What’s wrong?"
I haven't got the heart to answer:
She's not the one
I've been dreaming of.
We were young
We thought our love would last forever
But those days are gone
Now I'm still searching for true love.

(Repeat prechorus)

We've all got something in our lives we regret
For me it's someone I can never forget.
Another chapter's just begun
Was there business left undone?
I'll always wonder:
Were you the one?

Repeat chorus

©Words and Music by
Nelson Bennett, 1996