Song Name: Chapter 2

Songwriter: Luke Viertel

Copyright: 2008

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Your smile, it hadn't left,
Since the last time that you saw my face.
All the while, you were just there
Biding your time
For something to chase.

I knew I'd surprise;
Fix that look back in your eyes again,
Like when the leaves were still on the trees.

Now I can't regret anything that I didn't say.
And that's why I got up and left,
On the heels of your beautiful gaze.

And as I entered the night,
So did the truth you were so desperate to hide
From my mind, all along.

You can't hide from me.
You can't lie to me.
'Cause everything that you've become
And everyone that you've begun to be
I've had my hand in it all.

Now lies can be like songs
When you can't get them out of your head.
And that's why, I could be wrong,
But lies were the best things that you ever said.

And I'll turn the page
In my proverbial book of shame,
To the left and not to the right
This time.