Song Name: Life is Fragile

Songwriter: Dave Irish/Mike Doran

Copyright: 2008

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On the canvas of an artist there's an intricate design
Depth of vision filled with color on display then a senseless hand of cruelty
Carves an angry, crooked line and the beauty is forever swept away
And it serves as a reminder like that timeless work of art
Or a graceful pirouette in a ballet
Life is fragile...
When the comfort of a loved one always there with an embrace
Always there to lend a patient, listening ear disappears without a warning
Disappears without a trace and you're heart can only weep a vale of tears
You will gaze into the mystery of the things that we cannot know
And you'll cherish every mem'ry, held so dear

Life is fragile…….
So wherever you may go life live to the full
And count the stars above if you are able
You'll always have enough if you give away your love
And give thanks for the blessings on your table...
Life is fragile
Life is fragile on this planet I tend to take a lot for granted
What's here today in a moment may be gone