Sonic Cult
Washed Away in Rain
written by: Joe Young and Ben Lorentzen
genre: rock

This song is about how all the corruption and shallowness of the world seems invincible and unchanging, but really it will all just be washed away eventually, and give way to a brighter future.
The Bells
written by: Joe Young and Ben Lorentzen
genre: americana/country

The Bells is about how when you're feeling really lost and alone, sometimes you need to dig deep and hear that tiny voice of inspiration and direction to get you back on track.
Mud is Not Your Name
written by: Joe Young and Ben Lorentzen
genre: pop

This song is about not getting down on yourself even when others are criticizing you, or even if you've made mistakes. It's about remembering your value and you will bounce back from your mistakes.
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Sonic Cult
Hometown: New York, New York
Sonic Cult has an impressive cast of top-notch musicians including one of Norway's star singers, Ben Lorentzen, and one of New York's most sought-after guitarists, Joe Young.

Since 2009, Sonic Cult has performed to a weekly audience of 1,200 at the Manhattan Center in New York City, which is broadcast via internet to over a hundred locations around the United States. They have performed in many locations around the country such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC and various locations internationally including, Korea, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Costa Rica, Brazil, Malaysia, and even for the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Sonic Cult's talented song writing resonates with edgy lyrics, catchy melodies, and amazing grooves. With their unique and exciting originals, Sonic Cult aims to keep you moving and moved throughout the entire experience.
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