Indie International Online Agreement

1.In no event shall artist hold Indie International liable for any losses resulting from any fraud perpetrated on Indie International or artist relating to or stemming from internet activity contemplated by this agreement.In addition, Indie International shall not be held liable for any consequential damages (such as lost profits or work) resulting from any failure or any technical difficulties within or related to Indie International. The artist is solely responsible for any defects with the product (music file/song) being submitted and other faulty craftsmanship. The artist hereby certifies that the music file/song being submitted is complete and not missing any essential parts or materials.

2.Artist agrees that artist has the legal authority to enter into this agreement. Should any claims be brought against the artist or Indie International relating in any way to this agreement, artist agrees to indemnify and hold Indie International, as well as their agents, representatives, principals, employees, officers, and directors harmless from and against any loss, damage, or expense incurred, suffered by or threatened against the artist or Indie International.

3.The artist states and verifies to Indie International that the content contained in the recordings (mp3 format or otherwise - CD, etc.) and artwork/image files uploaded or submitted in any way to Indie International is 100% copyrighted by the artist; in the case that this is not so, the artist states and verifies that all royalties and/or mechanicals are the sole responsibility of the artist to pay, and the artist indemnifies Indie International from any such legal action occurring as a result of copyright violations on the part of the artist. The artist also agrees to indemnify Indie International from all other legal action taken against the artist with respect to his/her/their recordings/copyright. The artist releases Indie International from all publishing fees for the presentation of on-line music, including, but not limited to BMI, ASCAP, and other fees regarding their copyright protection, and the artist agrees to indemnify Indie International from all such claims should any be brought on behalf of the artist or related to the artist.

4.Artist hereby grants a license to Indie International whereby Indie International may allow internet users to listen to their recording(s), and view and or listen to any or all artist provided products, artwork, images, graphics, logos, or sounds, free of any performance rights royalties. Artist represents that it has the necessary rights and permissions to grant such licenses, and agrees to indemnify Indie International, and to be solely responsible for any claims for payment of any and all costs, fees, and expenditures (including attorney’s fees) that may be incurred directly or indirectly as a result of artist’s recordings being displayed at, or any other websites owned by Rasmi, LLC, or for any other use found suitable by Rasmi, LLC forever unless the artist provides written notice to discontinue service provided by Indie International..

5.By clicking (I agree) you agree to receive the Indie International e-mail newsletter and account updates targeted to you by Indie International, unless you have chosen to opt out of them.

6.Indie International reserves the right to change or add clauses to this agreement with sufficient e-mail and/or written notification 30 days prior to the change.

7.If any portion of this agreement is found to be illegal or unenforceable, that portion is severable, and the remaining portions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.